Corrections Education at the Grand County Jail

Arches Education Center provides secondary and post-secondary education services at the Grand County Jail. 

For secondary education, we work with students on basic education and skills, prepare students to take the GED, and provide credit recovery options for students wishing to work toward earning a diploma.

For post-secondary education, qualifying students may pursue a print-based undergraduate-level correspondence course offered through Adams State University.  This option is open to students who have completed their GED or have a high school diploma and score at a high school or college level on a skills assessment, and will be in corrections for six months or more.  Students are required to cover half of their tuition, and Arches Education Center matches their contribution to help pay for the course.  If individuals need help securing funds, we can facilitate sponsorship and/or private scholarships for which the student will apply.  We provide academic tutoring and mentoring services to students who are pursuing this option.