Adult High School Completion (A.H.S.C.)

The Utah Adult High School Completion program (A.H.S.C.) is a program of instruction that leads to an
adult education secondary diploma.  Students may elect to pursue a diploma or the GED, but not both.

Arches Education Center offers the A.H.S.C. program for individuals who are 5 or fewer credits from graduating high school, as recorded on their official high school transcript.  Eligible students can then take classes to recover this credit and work toward getting a diploma. Students can earn credit using a computer-based program or through a paper- and book-based credit recovery system.  We offer coursework in a variety of core subject areas, as well as in a number of elective topics.  Students experience one-on-one tutoring and support as they go through their coursework.

Students can also be awarded credit for some outside accomplishments.  These accomplishments include work experience, professional licenses and certificates, military experience, and apprenticeships.  This credit counts toward the diploma as well.

**Per state law, as of January 1, 2016, students who pursue the A.H.S.C program will need to pass a civics test in order to get their diploma.  Test questions will come from the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) civics test.

We would like to thank Wabi Sabi for donating the materials needed to implement our A.H.S.C. program.